Hello, I am Natasha a visual artist, musician and writer, I consider myself an eccentric human. Yes, I'm sure I'm human - defects and emotions make it clear, however I have a good sense of humour about them! :) Anyway, I welcome you into the world of my head! I hope you enjoy your short time here and don't become too spooked so that you never come back here again, unless you have better things to do and if so, DO THEM! - Did I exaggerate? Never mind! Continue on exploring the world of tumblr!

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Here is an acrylic painting of two creatures healing a cyborg. I did this last year while spending a week at my cousins’ house in Brazil.
Here is a watercolur painting I did last year while sitting on the beach in Brazil, I am not sure what to call it, but this creature gives off an essence of peace. I believe she was orignally meant to be human but the image I had in my mind evolved into this. I have also been told that she looks like something out of Avatar. What do you think?

Maaaaaaaaaan, this blog has been inactive for too long, I shall post pictures of old and new artworks soon once I get back on my own computer. Have a great day, folks! :)

Funky Godess of The Sun and Moon (2012) - I actually really like this one! I think it’s something to do with its mystical appearance! It was drawn in a fine liner and donated to an art sale for a charity event called Refresh Rejoice for women and children who have been abused.
Snow Wolves (2012) - This is a watercolour piece painted for an art sale for a charity event called “Refresh Rejoice” for women and children who have suffered from abuse
Wise Ol’ Lion (2012) - I haven’t come up with a title for this so for now it’s called Wise Ol’ Lion. This is a watercolour piece painted for an art sale for a charity event called “Refresh Rejoice” for women and children who have suffered from abuse.

Watercolour Repeat patterns (2011) - These are a few pieces I’ve picked out from my project “Myths and Legends”. For this project we had to produce repeat patterns based on the myths and legends at the Horniman Museum in South London.

The museum was commissioned by Frederick John Horniman, the son of a great Tea Collecter in 1898 to exibit his natural specimins collected from his travels around the world. His father’s tea collection was the most famous at the time and can still be purchased but only in Spain (I believe, though correct me if I’m wrong).

Mr. Horniman was also very fond of butterflies and he would collect these too, some of these butterflies were found right on his very doorstep!

The most famous exibit is the overstuffed walrus. The taxidermist was sent the walrus skin but he had never seen a walrus before so he stuffed it until it was full - shows how reliable some things are!
If you’d like to know more about the museum you can take a look at their site: http://www.horniman.ac.uk/.

Now, back to the art! - In these pieces I used a mixture of myths and some of the other specimins exibited at the museum.

The walrus sitting on the tin of tea against the purple swirly background with butterflies is one of my favourites! It’s mostly the colours, they are exciting and playful, something about the painting as a whole makes it look as if it could be in a fairytale picture book!

The animal piece was a wacky idea I came up with to make the piece something more than just a load of animals on a piece of paper, what makes it even more interesting is that it’s a repeat pattern and if it was to be printed over and over again it would look like an endless conga-line of animals as seen in the last picture! I personally think it looks really cool!

I also did another version in brown which can also be seen here and though it gives it a more ancient feel I like both of them equally!

The ancient-looking piece of the dolls are a pen drawings of ancient dolls from different countries which were exhibited at the museum. There was no description of where they came from or their story and I didn’t have time to ask but I loved the details and the expressions on them so I decided to make a repeat-pattern painting of them. I think the old-age effect really worked for this piece and it is one of my favourites from the watercolours I’ve done for this project!

If you have taken the time to read this I thank you and hope you have enjoyed my art and the process behind it and learned something new! :)

Derrickan Bittlegown (2012) - This is a character I created while playing around with Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I don’t really have a story for him but he’s a very friendly chap! I have two versions of this because I wanted to give the picture an effect like crumpled paper which I did by using photos of crumpled paper and layering them on top of the drawing and adjusting the transparency levels so you can see both of them at the same time. I saved another version without the crumpled paper effect because with the layers some of the detail was lost and without the layers you can see them clearly! Overall the whole painting had about 45 layers - I don’t like to paint everything on the same layer because I like to blend each colour seperately. When I use one layer everything tends to go messy and often I want to blend some bits more than others so the extra layers are helpful for that. It’s a very meticulous process but it’s worth it for a satisfying painting!

"We Are All Flesh" - This is my final piece for my project called Flesh. It was quite an ambitious idea to paint in oil paint on a massive canvas (being my first time using oils). The canvas is slightly bigger than A1 and it was difficult to carry by myself since it was nearly bigger than my little self but I managed! I chose oils as I liked the strong earthly colours and I felt they were approprate for the subject of flesh and I wanted to creat a painting with a dark mood. The choice of canvas size was to make the limb creature appear more menacing.
The subject of the painting basicly states what the title says, taken from one of the arms; “We Are All Flesh”, no matter how we decorate ourselves, what shape we are or what species we are we are all flesh. The fact that the limbs are placed in all sorts of postition makes it looks like a pile of disgarded bodyparts rather than a creature which should make the veiwer uneasy and allow them to see these bodyparts simply as flesh!

Advice for those who use or want to use oils:
- If you want to paint over your background when it’s dry it would be quicker to paint over in acrylic as it dries faster and then paint in oils on top, however if you want to use the earthy colours of the oils then a substance called Liquin can help!
- If you want to keep the paints wet for longer so you can keep working into your painting Clove Oil helps!

Animation created for a project called “The Sea Shore” about a family of rocks walking…well shuffling, rather, along the beach when suddenly a tile appears and then a giant hand reaches down to paint onto it and then suddenly a dolphin leaps out of it into the sea…it looks better if you watch it. Enjoy!
Music used:
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (cover by Emilie Autumn)
Syringe by Emilie Autumn
Unlaced by Emilie Autumn
The Dream Of The Dolphin - Enigma